Hip Hop / Jazz

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Hip Hop / Jazz Hip Hop/Jazz is an exciting blend of jazz and hip hop dance for ages 5 through 8. This class begins with a thorough, heart-pumping warm up focused on mobility, strength, isolations, flexibility and alignment, allowing students to learn the fundamentals of fluid, full-body jazz and the hard-hitting funk of hip hop styles. This class will encourage students to dance outside of the box and bring their own personality to each movement. We pride ourselves on being a family oriented dance studio and go out of our way to find clean age-appropriate music.

Tuition: $72 per installment due 5th of each month

Jazz dance is the dance form of the time. It has been categorized as the dance of TV and stage. It reflects our popular culture, and as the culture changes so does the face of jazz dance. Jazz helps develop coordination, flexibility, strength and movement and is a technique needed by every well rounded dancer. Like Jazz music itself, Jazz Dance is a truly American art form. Jazz 9 & up for students with a minimum of 1 year of jazz 

Tuition: $72 per installment due 5th of each month

Hip Hop
Hip Hop is the newest style of “street” jazz dance. It is the style of dance that is seen in many music videos and is frequently performed by high school dance teams. It comes from the world of rap music.  Hip-Hop has become very main stream and should be a style that all dancers learn.

$72 per installment due 5th of each month

2019-2020 Hip Hop / Jazz Schedule

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