COVID Mitigation

Dear TCAB families,

At TCAB we have seen an increase in the number of dancers out with Covid. This appears the way that Omicron is going to be for a while.

TCAB has been trying to figure out the best and safest practices for deisolation for our dancers with Covid.

Much of the published information is vague and conflicting, but we have made the decision to go with Kadlec’s criteria for deisolation.

Of course, like everything connected to Covid, this is subject to change.  

If your child has Covid please do not have them return to in-person classes until:

1.    At least 10 days have passed since their symptoms first began, and their symptoms are improving, and at least 24 hours have passed without a fever WITHOUT the use of fever-reducing medications (Tylenol, NSAIDs, or aspirin) 


2.    After 7 days have passed and with a negative antigen test and improved symptoms

Thank you for your support and assistance as we do our best to help our dancers and staff stay healthy.


Thank you,

Debra, Joel & Gaye

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